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Written by Bahram Malaekeh   
Sunday, 18 July 2010 23:37

Original System Requirement



Phase 1

  • Full visualization of the network and this components, including hardware and software. 
    •  Full mapping of the entire network.
      • Icon based entity representation of all the hardware (Servers, clients, router, etc).
      • Full DnD(Drag and Drop) features for canvas representation of the network. 
      • Connection representation between all the connected hardware, including connection type.
    • Complete internal hardware information
      • Information about each individual device component (CPU, RAM, Motherboard, HDD, LAN, etc).
      • Optional special features on individual components (CPU virtualization, DHCP ability, NAT ability, etc)
      • Installation/removal of all components with compatibility checks
    • Detailed overview of the software innstalled on all components.
      • Displayed software name and version
      • Detailed view of software capabilities
      • Standard/Custom list of Operating System

  • In-depth network manipulation of all devices, connections and environments
    • Environment control with network rules 
      • Customize each network to fit security needs.
      • Disallow insecure ports on devices (USB, LAN, etc).
      • Disable placement of unwanted devices (HUB, Wireless Routers, etc).



Phase 2

  • Manipulation of infrastructure(routers, hubs, etc)
    • Full manipulation of the connections between different hardware (if possible).
    • Enabling/disabling of features on devices (DHCP, NAT, Firewall, proxy, etc).
    • Port manipulation (forwarding and enabling/disabling).
  • Registration of changes of hardware on network components.
    • Overview of available hardware components
    • Compatibility checks for replacement of new components(Mainbord sockets, input plugs match, etc).



Phase 3

  • Overview of the entier network, including hardware local information.
    •  Hardware information gathering
      • Statistical information about network activity (Traffic flow, slow downs, etc).
      • Local hardware information regarding the network (Information trafficed, etc).
      • Overview of condition of internal components of hardware (HDD, CPU, RAM, etc). 
    • Software information gathering
      • Information regarding network services (Webserver, Database, etc). 
  • Manipulation of network traffic
    • Flow control
    • Services manipulation
Possible ideas:
Android interface for PrimeDesktop


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