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Written by Bahram Malaekeh   
Monday, 19 July 2010 00:26

PrimeDesktop Features


PrimeDesktop features some great tools to make your job easier and faster!



Icon representation of devices in the network



A visual representation of all the devices in the network.

All devices responsive to user interaction, moveable and connectable to other devices.








Determine type of connection


Different Connection Types 


Decide how devices connect to each other depending on the available ports.

 Change ports, manipulate hardware or add/remove hardware to change types of connections possible to and from devices in the network.








Select device from the drag'n'drop area


 Drag'n'Drop Device Selection


Drag and drop devices into the network from the list of standard devices.












Networks overview with tabs

Networks Overview 


Keep track of your open networks with tabs.




Hardware view showing all hardware components


Hardware Overview


Have total control over what hardware each device contains.

Install and remove hardware components, like CPU, Motherboard and Ram, to match the machines specific purpose. 

Configure each hardware component with detailed settings.






Software overview


Software Overview 


Setup the software on computers.

Install and remove programs and operating systems, including softwave specific settings like filesystem support and security settings.





Network rules settings



Network Rules


Control your network with Network Rules.

Set what is and is not allowed in your network, with the option to exempt specific devices from the rules.










Custom visual view to change device icons


         Custom Device Icons       


     Customize the icons for the devices in your network.     











 Other features


Export network to Image

Export Network to a file, so you can share with others, or export the network as an image for easy presentation



Create rooms


Create rooms in your network to separate and distinguish between network separation.


Undo/Redo actions



Undo/Redo major actions for easy, fast network manipulation.


Export Features
Export all aspects of your system, including your standard devices list with icons and custom operating systems.
Import others customization and share your work with others.
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